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One roadmap format that gets stuff done for cross-team software product leads

A minimal concession so that your roadmap can thrive even in hostile environments.

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“Let’s meet in the Metaverse.” –A tale of a 1-1 meeting in VR

I'll stick to Zoom for 1-1 meetings until I can have them in a more exotic spot.

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One tip for people who wear clothes and want to save time

You will also save energy and money, but I only have 300 words, so we'll stick with time.

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A lightbulb, a lens, and a laser walk into a bar…

A metaphor illustrates the three phases of creation: divergence, convergence, and focus.

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Product Management 101: you don’t make it; you make it happen

The Product Lead is a Jazz band conductor, not an orchestra conductor.

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Product Management 101: Expanding the Middle

The Product Lead role is a balancing act between UX, business goals, and technical debt.

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Your real priorities always win, even when it sucks

Let's stop lying to ourselves about the time we can't find. It was never really lost.

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Why am I doing @ship30for30?

Writing more often is like iterating on a product faster: it accelerates progress.

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The big multitasking lie

You've been lied to since you started your professional career by being told that to be successful, you must be able to juggle many tasks at the same time.

Please allow me to debunk this lie and reveal the truth about multitasking and juggling.

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The power of constraints

Here's how artificially limiting scope, time, or space can improve productivity.

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