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by Paolo Belcastro

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With this being the third time I shared a podcast episode in three weeks, I figured I'd give audio its own section, so here we are.
Here's an episode from Shane Parrish Knowledge Podcast at Jim Collins: Keeping the Flywheel in Motion [The Knowledge Project Ep. #67]. Two and a half hours full of insights about how good companies become great, about luck, and flywheels.


Speaking of flywheels, and if you don't feel like diving into the 150 minutes of the podcast right away, here's THE FLYWHEEL EFFECT, a short article by the same Jim Collins.
A Robot Wrote This Book Review...a human read it and found it mildly interesting. I wonder if we should start building AIs to read what AIs write and save ourselves some time.


We change code continuously. We keep track of all changes through versioning systems like git or svn, we generally run the latest stable version, but no one would ever consider that an application is "finished".

During one of the mentorship sessions in the last cohort of Write of Passage, our mentor, juliettech.eth, held an extraordinary session showcasing the parallels between the writing process and coding.

Recently I had an opportunity to receive great feedback on an essay already published, and one thing leading to the next, I decided that there was no reason why my written content wouldn't also be versioned.

Here's v2 of a piece I published last October. I hope you'll like this version.

Fewer Managers, More Leaders: a Template for the Future of Work

v2 – 2021-12-01

I have been thinking about how we measure value creation in the context of managing and leading teams for over two decades now, and I want to explain why Autonomy is the most critical characteristic of successful teams.

We use three primary metrics to measure the value of work:
  1. Input. When workers are paid by the hour.
  2. Output. When the amount of work done is the critical metric.
  3. Outcomes. When the impact on customers is the measure of success.
These represent the past, the present, and the future of performance evaluation.

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How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation... It was already unnerving to learn over the past few years how these tech giants had allowed misinformation to spread by lack of care, foresight, competence, you name it. To learn that they actually funded it though is next level.


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