Hi there, I’m Paolo Belcastro

Also known online as @p3ob7o

Welcome to my online home

Let’s embark on a journey together to uncover the treasures awaiting you here. As we navigate through, you’ll encounter glimpses of my transformative newsletter ‘Morfternight’, step into the evocative world of my black and white photos and photographic projects, and delve deep into the personal anecdotes and insights peppered throughout my blog.

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Black and white photography has captivated me for as long as I can remember. Below is a small selection of my latest shots, but I warmly invite you to visit the Photos section to explore many more.

Photo Projects

While I still adore spontaneous travel and street photography, I’m finding a growing joy and value in crafting photographic series telling the story of the People of Vienna.

The Blog

Dive into a world where personal anecdotes meet insightful reviews. Since 2011, I’ve been weaving tales and sharing thoughts on gear, software, and life’s and work’s adventures. Explore my blog for a sprinkle of innovation and a dose of inspiration.

You can search and browse the blog, but if you are new here, you can start with one of these three essays.

Constraints Spark Creativity

Join me on a personal journey as I unveil how learning to embrace limitations not only reshaped my everyday decision-making process but also breathed new life into my photography passion.

Time Management

I unveil the transformative system that has elevated my productivity while reducing personal stress and anxiety; discover how you can start reclaiming your time, one structured step at a time.

Mastering 1-1 Meetings

Uncover the secret behind building high-performing teams as I share insights from over 5,000 1-1 meetings, offering to transform these encounters into the cornerstone of success.

Keynotes & Presentations

Occasionally, I’ll find myself on stage presenting at a WordCamp or other Tech conference. Here’s the last time it happened.

The difference between remote and distributed

April 26th 2023 — Running Remote — Lisbon, Portugal.