Streets: playground or workplace?

All my life, I’ve been studying or working indoors. The city is my playground.
Others, though, work there.

Carrying stuff around, heavy or light.

Building something new with gigantic machines.

Preparing delicious coffee with expert technique.

Keeping our streets clean is one of the most critical tasks that we often unfortunately only appreciate when it hasn’t been done for any reason.

Sometime the gigantic machines take a break and humans take over.

Keeping streets safe is another crucial job.

Doing it with a smile and a reassuring presence is even more important.

Too often, we read in the news about the police forces of a city here or there, making the population feel threatened.

I wish this image was the norm.

Sometimes, they work in little cabins to be protected from the weather.

Or to host the necessary equipment to cook and serve food.

Serving drinks to thirsty bystanders, roasting chestnuts during winter time, or preparing kebabs and durums for the lunch of those indoor workers.

Fixing those gigantic machines so they can get back to work.