Midjourney is evolving, fast!

This is the logo I use for our company in Vienna, The Weelo Factory OG:

I purchased the illustration online more than 10 years ago without thinking much, I just needed a logo.

As I wanted to see if I could evolve it, and considering I am no designer, I tried to ask Midjourney. I decided to go with a very simple prompt:

a steampunk tree with gears instead of leaves

The default version of Midjourney generated these four images:

I asked for variations of the one on the top right and got these:

I then selected the one on the top right again and upscaled it:

Finally, I asked for the maximum upscale for the same image:

Then I used the same prompt, adding the --v 4 requirement to use the latest version of the model, and went through the same exact steps.

The first four:

Variations on the fourth one on the bottom right:

Upscaling the one on the top right:

I think we can say this thing is improving… fast!

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