Only in Vienna

I left home this morning at 6:05
I leave in the centre of the city, central enough that I don’t even need to own a car.
I was at the airport, after going through the security checks, at my plane’s gate, ready for boarding, at 6:35
I don’t know any other capital that makes this possible. It’s one of the many perks of living in this amazing city.
Keeping my fingers crossed that on December 4th tolerance and kindness will prevail on fear and ignorance.



3 responses to “Only in Vienna”

  1. Nikolay Bachiyski Avatar

    If capital is the only requirement – Sofia 🙂 More than once I’ve left home, not on purpose, less than 40 minutes before departure.

  2. RplusS Avatar

    Pardon me but what is on Dec 4th?

  3. Andrew Goff Avatar

    Some of the South-East Asian cities come to mind: Singapore and Hong Kong in particular.
    Despite being remarkably different culturally, Vienna and Singapore are two of my favourite cities. I think they share in having a public-mindedness toward how they are run and a popular sense of their place in history, the combination of which leads to an organic civic pride that flows into very practical things like airports, transportation, and even cleanliness.
    Both are wonderful, and often sadly under-rated, cities.

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