Yin and Yang

The working title was “Bloke waiting for the tube”, but I am in a metaphysical mood tonight.


Nothing better than a nap on a beautiful lawn.


She made it safely into the tram, in the end.


That’s a tiny office up there.


Stone eagles are the new mistletoe.


Where’s your cheese, Mr Crow?


It’s official, shops have reopened.


There are simpler ways to protect a terrace from the rain, but this one certainly looks good…

Street Art & Fresh Water

Let’s put it this way: anyone buying bottled water in Vienna is a victim of advertising and needs immediate help. Tap water is actually better than almost any water you can buy bottled, at a fraction of the cost, without the heavy environmental impact of plastic bottles.

Sharing the News

I thought the construction work in the Zollergasse was related to the new U-Bahn line 5, but actually this very nice lady explained to me that the subway station doesn’t go that far, here they are renovating the street to reserve it to pedestrians, and planting trees. 🌳


Never forget to protect your ham from vampires. Garlic will do the trick…