Roses are…

… how you want. I am really enjoying playing with this image compare block to let everyone choose the version they prefer. Don’t hesitate to let me know your preference in the comments. 🙂

Your choice

Artist: RUIN

I like this mural a lot, it’s on the Donaukanal, by RossauerbrĂĽcke. I have been posting only b&w photos lately, but here it seemed unfair to do so. In the end I figured I could give y’all the choice, use the slider to see the colors or not.

Outdoor dining?

When you want to eat outdoor, but all you have is a sidewalk on a busy street, you have to get creative.


This little guy just found that McDonald’s ketchup thingy on the left of the trashcan, and a lunch party started.


It’s been a while, time for a tram!


Karl Turneber apparently patented, and made locks for shops more than 100 years ago. More about it (in German) here.

On a bike

The thing, to ride a bike in the rain, is to trust one’s instinct…

Flying high

It was a quite impressive cloud formation, but even more impressive, the swallow flying close to its edge.