Day four

One of my goals during the first half of my sabbatical is to reach Legend rank at Hearthstone. I have been playing and enjoying the game for a while now, I am not the best player but I think I am reaching a decent level for the amount of practice I have. And that’s the […]

Day two

The smartphone is probably the object that has the most influence on our lives these days. From the choice of apps we use to the type of notifications, from email to calendars, these little bricks of glass, metal, and plastic drive our habits. This is why I decided that heading into this new experience of 12 […]

Day one

One of the perks that Automattic offers every five years is a three-month paid sabbatical leave. I am starting mine today; I think I haven’t been off for three months in a row since elementary school. As the lead of WordCamp Europe 2017 that just took place in Paris, of the Spectrum Division at Automattic, and of […]