Atomic Review: Mogul Networking


Mogul wasn’t part of my original list.

It didn’t come up in my searches. I discovered it while testing Nat. They have a page listing similar products, and I was familiar with all the ones mentioned, except for Mogul. Now, if a small team makes Nat, Mogul is built by a team of one. That triggered my interest even further, as I have heard quite a bit talking about small bets these days.


  • Design

Simple, minimalistic, but very elegant. It reminds me a bit of Bear, the note-taking app for macOS and iOS.

  • Performance

It’s been very decent with a couple of thousands of contacts. However, the developer mentions that performance would degrade if end-to-end encryption is enabled. Still, I’d underline that Mogul is the only app on my test offering E2E encryption, and if you want that activated, a small performance hit is probably a fair tradeoff.

  • Platforms

A web app is accessible anywhere, including mobile devices, and native iOS and macOS apps are available.

  • Integrations

It only comes with a Google Contacts integration to import contacts. I wish it had a Google Calendar integration to populate scheduled interactions.

  • Flexibility

Fields and labels are customizable.

  • Cost

The free plan comes without E2E encryption or customization. The full version costs $10/month or $100/year.


I like it. A lot.

It’s ultra-simple but offers key features: the ability to log interactions, set up reminders to follow up, add notes, and merge duplicate contacts. However, I wish it had a calendar integration to reduce manual input at this stage. I’d also love it had a way to integrate with Slack, Signal, Telegram, and other messaging apps, but to be fair, none of the apps on the list offers that.

I appreciate the small bets movement, but I have to admit worrying a bit, as a user, that the app could disappear overnight.



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  1. Phil Avatar

    Thanks – I hadn’t found this one either in my CRM search! Good try out for a few weeks I think.

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