Day 13

The June season of Hearthstone finished last night, I didn’t make it to legend after all.
I hit rank 3, my best rank ever so far. July is my last chance. I understood a couple of things looking at my stats for the end of June.
Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 00.27.39
I need to have the patience to play one single deck for a long time, experimentation with many different decks hurt my win rate: over 621 games played I have a global win rate of 50%, but if I look at the three most successful decks, they were used in 332 matches, so more than half, and I had with these a win rate of 56.67%
The remaining 289 matches were played with 24 different decks, for a global win rate of 42.56.
Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 00.22.40
Lesson one: practice, practice, and practice again with one deck as soon as it seems viable, but keep an eye on the stats to avoid decks playing lots of games with a deck that doesn’t work as I did with one version of the Dragon Priest…
Lesson two: Do not underestimate how hard it is to progress after rank five, I actually think that unless I hit that rank by July 10th at the latest, my chances will be very thin to succeed at the end of the month. The main reason for that being that I can only play so many games in one day, even if I have the time, as after a while I lose focus, and I don’t enjoy it anymore, which defeats the purpose.
The rank achieved allowed me to start July at rank 17, and today I played a bit, and did ok, ending at 14. Now things get serious as the players who reached legend last months started at 15…

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