Atomic Review: Dex Personal CRM


Dex checks many boxes.

It is loaded with features and assistants, yet very practical to use. Dex seems smart enough to streamline your flow, but not so much that it becomes confusing.



  • Design

Nothing fancy, but very polished.

A highly professional look and quite a good user experience. The Network tab gives you the best, with a graphic representation of the relationships between your contacts, and the worst, with a hierarchical model of your address book by groups that is barely readable.

  • Performance

I wish it were as snappy on desktop as it is on mobile.

Whether I use the web app or the native one on the computer, there is always a slight loading time. Pages often load with a previous state, updated quickly, but not enough to be invisible.

Data is sometimes slow to sync between the native and the web app on the same laptop.

  • Platforms

Dex runs everywhere: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, web app, and a Chrome extension.

  • Integrations

Dex offers Google Calendar, Contacts, and Gmail integrations to sync your contacts, events, and email conversations. It also integrates with LinkedIn to bring in additional metadata.

A Chrome extension allows you to create/update contacts from Twitter or Facebook.

  • Flexibility

Groups, note types, custom fields are all customizable.

Dex also offers options to export your contacts, the full timeline of notes and events, and even updates synced from LinkedIn as .csv files you can import elsewhere.

  • Cost

Free, but limited, or $120/year with all the features. If you buy it via iOS, it’s 30% more expensive.


I recommend testing Dex if you are looking for a personal CRM. It sets the bar high in terms of features and focus. I found a couple of rough edges, but it’s still a very young app, less than two years old. It would be perfect if it had integrations with Slack, Telegram, and Signal.



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  1. Lance Willett Avatar

    I am using Dex for a few months now, and love it (agree on inconsistent web browser performance). Previous tool was Highrise.

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